Our Commitment

Our Commitment Page ImageThe decision regarding hospice is an extremely important choice, and one that we here at Hospice Services of Alabama have made for our own family members. That’s why we want you to choose us at the right time for you.

Whether it be to gather information for future decisions or goals, make the decision to begin treatment, or continue service now being provided by someone else, Hospice Service of Alabama is here to help and to serve you.

At Hospice Services of Alabama, service is our reason for being, and our commitment to patient care means so much more than those four simple words can express.

We recognize that one person’s illness affects both their families and friends as well—and we believe that all of them are deserving of our commitment. With that in mind, we do not intend for our services to take the place of caring family members. We seek only to complement their love and attention with a special kind of attentiveness all our own: a passion for service matched only by our unyielding compassion.

In doing so, we strive always for excellence. Because only through true excellence may we seek to earn your trust and justify our reason for being.

Call on us, and you’ll immediately sense our exceptional qualities. Whether it’s the quick anticipation of a loved one’s personal needs, or daily visits by our experienced staff of nurses, certified nursing aids, chaplains or social workers—our commitment to quality service and unsurpassed performance is evident in every detail.

After all, we are more committed to our mission than ever before:

To serve the lives and legacies of our patients with excellence in medical
care, combined with exceptional dedication and unyielding compassion.

Indeed, you will see it reflected in our choice of staff, our daily visits (seven days a week) and our persistent determination to refine, improve and offer only the very best care available.

Our Commitment In Action

♦ Trust
♦ Authenticity
♦ Reliability
♦ Service
♦ Patient Care
♦ Family Support
♦ Emotional Support
♦ Spiritual Guidance
♦ Caring Compassion

“Commitment is an act, not a word.” —Jean-Paul Sartre