Our Care Team

Hospice Services of Alabama is more than just a name or a mission, or even a commitment. It’s the combination of a great many individuals coming together to bring their training, expertise and personal strengths to bear on the challenges facing each and every one of our patients. You can better understand the services we offer by learning more about the types of individuals that make up our Care Team. Virtually all of them are involved in the treatment of our patients to ensure that they receive the very best care available—and experience all the quality their lives have to offer.

Your Physician and Our Medical Directors

Care Team Diagram 4

As strategist and coach for the Care Team, our physician and medical director develop care plans for all patient care as well as oversee pain and symptom management.

Hospice Registered Nurses

Every care plan consists of a variety of directives and must meet a variety of goals to be successful. The role of the hospice nurse is to coordinate every plan as directed by the physician and medical director as well as other members of the care team.


Medication plays an important role in every care plan. Our pharmacist and the local pharmacy of your choosing, review all medications prescribed by the physician and hospice nurse, and evaluates their effectiveness—always focusing on medications intended to provide the optimum level of comfort and symptom management.

Certified Nursing Assistants

Hospice care is much more than medical care. That’s why our nursing assistants provide medical support as well as personal care to patients, including bathing, grooming and skin care, and works with the nurse and family to determine the proper frequency of care.

Social Workers

Hospice services are intended to alleviate more than medical difficulties. At Hospice Services of Alabama, we rely on our social worker to provide much-needed emotional and psychological support to both our patients and their families or loved ones. The Social Work Team may also help with financial planning,  access to appropriate community resources and benefits that may be available to help both the patient and their caregivers.

Spiritual Care and Bereavement Coordinators

The care of illnesses that require hospice take more than a physical and emotional toll on many caregivers and patients.  Our Spiritual Care Coordinators work with patient and family clergy to provide spiritual care and coping support to provide an added dimension of hope and peace to every care plan. This same staff member will make personal calls and visits to the family and loved ones even after our services are no longer needed.

Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteers play a large role in many hospice care plans. Our volunteer coordinator recruits, trains and direct these willing and gracious volunteers to assist patients and families with shopping, household tasks or other daily or weekly needs.

If you have questions about our approach to hospice care, please don’t hesitate to call our Hospice Helpline at 205.682.9996.  

We consider it our honor to be of assistance, whether now or at a later time. We serve all hospitals in the area, and can be contacted by the hospital case managers, discharge planners and social workers, as you instruct.